Conscious Talking Circles

 We all share the same topics. We all share the same love. we all share the same fears. We are all related. You are not alone!

We carry such heavy luggage around when strolling around this fabulous yet exhausting city, this fabulous yet exhausting life.
Brothers and sisters we need to speak about it!
We need to let it out. To share. To witness. To understand. To realize our own truth in the same moment that we speak it out loud. This is medicine. This is healing ♥

The concept of talking circle goes back to ancient tribal times where we still knew about the deep and important gift of listening – proper listening. When we let each other speak. When we shared presence. When we encouraged each other to do so. An art which is almost lost and forgotten nowadays.

We gather in beautiful venues in nature or inside to hold space for deep connection, honesty and truth.
No judging. No justifying. Simply presence. Simply connection. Simply unity. Simply tribe. Everybody is welcome. Everything is welcome. All your topics, all your emotions, all your shadows, all your beautifully fractured soul pieces.

 Unbelievable things and processes have been coming up, been looked at and worked with and been transformed in our circles for so many years now. As we continue to heal childhood trauma, supressed pain and fear, unspoken demands and heartaches, the relationship between male and female energy and aspects inside of us and outside of us and so much more- step by step a little deeper – we can truly ensure one thing: from all the different therapeutic tools we are working with, for us circling still remains the deepest and most profound one.

Come as you are. ♥

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