Who are we?

We are Elena and Daniel, a couple for ten years. This is already a mircale these days and we are constantly in the process of finding out, rediscovering and understanding with all our essence what this means.

Walking side by side for a decade as the very extreme, highly sensitive and free spirited souls that we are has always been both a sparkling and shining adventure as well as a never fading hardcore challenge and it still is.

Elements of Life Retreat

We help people get back to nature and thereby back to themselves. In our retreats we create sacred spaces where we can truly meet and get to know each other on a very deep soul level - a holistic group therapy in nature

What is Eco Therapy?

In the current debate on climate protection and its urgency and importance, which cannot be overestimated, public discourse and messages from Greta, Rezo and co.

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    Beauty Raises Energy

    We believe that aesthetic is not something superficial but something extremely essential for our development, our wellbeing, our health and our lives.

    The universe that we live in is not material but instead is a field of energy, that is malleable to our influence. The essence of our lives and all life therefore is spiritual and filled with this energy. It is through beauty that we first experience this. The beauty and pristine glory of nature and in things around us evoke in us awe as we are inspired by it. The perception of beauty is a kind of barometer telling each of us how close we are to actually perceiving the energy. This is clear because once you observe this energy, you realize it’s on the same continuum as beauty.


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