Daniel and Elena

Who are we?

We are Elena and Daniel, a couple for almost twelve years. This is already a mircale these days and we are constantly in the process of finding out, rediscovering and understanding with all our essence what this means.

Walking side by side for a decade as the very extreme, highly sensitive and free spirited souls that we are has always been both a sparkling and shining adventure as well as a never ending hardcore challenge and it still is.

We met nearly twelve years ago on the dancefloor of a filthy club in our fantastic hometown Freiburg in the Black Forest of South Germany.

A lot has changed since then and at the same time it feels as if nothing has. What a beautiful paradox, what a ride it has been, What a blessing to dance together  – not only on countles dancefloors of this mesmerizing planet but also through desert plains, snow peaked mountains, riverbeds and endless seas. 

Somehow we have always inspired people worldwide, simply by the way we are, the way we travel, the way we love, with the tent on our back and the motorbike under our but cheeks, the sun always in our face and the wind in our backs. The way we sing, laugh and dance together, the way we go deep and analyse even the way we analyse. ( We both are Virgos and that is even more intense than it sounds 😉 !)

And the way we work together – as the crazy badass team we are.



From holding retreats in caves and forests to sitting with various medicines to helping people coming back to themselves by making them feel they are just like us; all one, all perfect with all their imperfections, all divinely walking each other home. 

And by sharing honestly and openly about our personal challenges, our shadows, because NO we do not have and never have had a perfect relationship; we were having every conflict that exists under this radiant sun, constantly working on not projecting all our deep core wounds, triggers and painful traumas onto each other like it happens far too fast in relationships – and oh how often have we failed! And how often have we fallen, gotten up on our feet again and given it another try, never losing hope in progressing by trusting, by praying for destiny being fulfilled and the universe helping and protecting us in this intense process.

This authenticity made and still is making people trust us and open up to us in those tremendously deep ways.

And this is the way we see our work and or dharma on this planet being fulfilled.

What I am trying to say is that I felt from the first moment we met a very deep knowing that we have a mission together.

That we met for such a big reason that is lies beyond our cognitive capacity to grasp it.

That we might one day understand or maybe never.

That our relationship would matter, would make a difference. And that this would go beyond our personal story.

So. Who are we?

We are two individual souls chosing to not always, but many times, walk side by side and look into the same direction.

( We regularly practice being on our own and give each other time to travel and be without the other one in order to not get caught in overidentification with being a couple but rather to always work on developing our individual personalities and grow – separately AND  together as a couple!)

A couple that has dedicated their life to traveling and exploring the world, understanding where we come from, why we carry around what we carry around, what it means to be alive right here right now and what it takes to do that as consciously as possible.

We hold healing retreats, therapeutic circles and rituals all around the world and work in the field of with Inner Child & Process Work, Yoga, Meditation, Music, Reiki, Ayurveda, Astrology & Human Design, Authentic Relating, Ceremonies, Body Work, Earth Consciousness, Plant Medicine, Classic Psychology and Trauma Therapy and realized a long time ago that we have a passion and a mission on this planet that at the same time fulfills and satisfies us so much that we just cannot but share it with you <3

So, after introducing ourselves briefly we would like to share bit about our Biography:

We were born in the same city, Freiburg, South Germany, and moved to Berlin eleven years ago.

Edit: We have just moved back to our beloved home town Freiburg to connect back to our roots and establish our offerings in the most beautiful place in Germany!

I studied Anthropology in Berlin and Daniel became a Massage Therapist but in between and since we finished our studies, we have constantly been traveling throughout the whole world.

During these years we have gone through countless trainings and forms of studying, have learned from various teachers and wisdom schools as well as from life and God themselves.

Over the last years we have put together our skills and our knowledge and became a little healing couple 🙂 

Further we have worked in many areas besides spiritual healing.

In India we started our little clothing brand some years ago and since then have been working closely with our tailors, who we all know personally, on creating beautiful tribal clothing.

We are experienced in communal living and working. We have been working on festivals for many years (Fusion Festival, 3000 Grad Festival, Frequs Of Nature, MoDem etc.) in Germany and abroad and  organized our own Festival with our collective ” Stay Free Kollektiv Berlin” in South of France. 


Therefore we are experienced in construction work as well as natural building, nature mandalas, permaculture, web & graphic design, organisation and promotion of events and much more…We have lived in different communities in Israel, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Berlin, Thailand, India and many more so we know what it means to cooperate, discuss, compromise, go crazy in group dynamics, face problems that occur naturally in every kind of community, stand together, grow together, practice conflict management and development of non violent group dynamics and so on. We love it <3

We are trained in Massage, Reiki Healing, Hatha Yoga, Constellation Work, Anthropology, Classic Psychology, Astrology, Physiotherapy, Trauma Therapy and Emotional Release,  Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Music, Writing, Nature Therapy and Sacred Plant Medicine.

We also feel we want to share what it means to be in a long-term relationship (we are young so it´s kind of rare and special ;)) in these days where nothing seems to last and where many people struggle with finding a partner that nourishes their soul instead of holding them back. Where it´s hard to commit and even harder to trust.

We are not saying that we know how a perfect relationship looks like. As we have mentioned before we have been through so many ups and downs, challenges and fights and crises that we stopped counting.

Yet we are still on this journey together, learning from each other and growing each and every day a little bit more, a little stronger.

This is what we would like to share with people in an authentic truthful and honest openminded way – not how to become the perfect couple but rather how to stay together admidst a storm rather than pretending we know it all. 

 …and that we are all just walking each other home… <3

We believe that


To see our work and what methods we use in our retreats, circles, workshops and ceremonies, we invite you to a stroll through this colorful website.



Blessings to your special soul!