Namaste and Shalom, I am Elena Judith Fritsch

I am Elena. On Yom Kippur, the jewish day of forgiveness,  I was born into this life as a child of a german catholic mother and an israeli jewish father in beautiful Freiburg in south Germany. This constellation has always been creating a big treasure as well as a deep conflict inside of myself due to the german – jewish trauma and is one of the main things to heal for me in this lifetime. I feel a very deep connection to the holy land of Israel and was for a long time not identified with Germany; I didn’t feel at home here and always on the search for a place that feels more like this concept of home… in the last years I have surrendered to my german part and found a lot of beauty in this country and part of myself. Further I see myself as an old soul, a shamanic child of the earth, a witch and lightworker. I see it as my mission and purpose to help other people to heal themselves by understanding and healing myself and my own family traumas and patterns and sharing these experiences with others. A strong focus of my work lies in shadow work and embracing our dark aspects to fully be ready for the light to come in – there is no way to deny or escape them. Everyone knows we cannot run away from our own shadow!


I studied social – and cultural anthropology in Berlin and feel the call to preserve the ancient knowledge of the tribes that still exist before they vanish although it is getting more and more clear to me that I don’t see myself following an academic career in Babylon and therefor didn’t continue after the bachelor.  Ancient wisdom embedded in the ancient ways of lving is one of the things in life that fascinate and excite my spirit the most.  My main focus in anthropology lies in Shamanism, Religion and Spirituality all round the world.

I have been raised in deep believe in God – I choose this name although I am aware that it can have many different names for people and truly believe it doesn´t really matter so much and wrds limit it anyway! – which I am very thankful for. The frame around the divine connection has been christian. When I grew up and especially during my travels I started to deepen my knowledge about other religions and spiritual concepts as well as about shamism and found beauty, value and meaning in integrating them into my “Weltanschauung” and believe system. Until today I try to connect these different approaches with each other, focusing on the aspects and the one universal truth they all have in common and exploring

their differences.


For a long time now my life is filled with spirit that is guiding me on my path and makes me be a healer in a more and more natural authentic and obvious way. When I practice my healing techniques I feel as if I have been doing so for many lifetimes and the reason for that is that I probably have .

I am a Reiki Practicioner, Yoga Alliance trained and certified Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher. I am guiding group therapy sessions and conscious talking circles and work in different ways as a psychospiritual guide and therapist. Guiding others with my voice and painting invisible landscapes of the multiverse into the deep realms of the soul and the various layers of our consciousness has given me so much and fits perfectly to the biggest passion of my life : singing! One of my dreams is to perform more and to record a CD of my healing music . 


Almost eight years ago I met my incredible soulmate Daniel and it was very clear to me from the beginning that together we have a mission on this planet. During the last seven years we have gone through all the ups and downs of life one could ever imagine and we are still growing strong and holding on . During the last seven years we have been traveling and hitchhiking the world in a very gypsy style, always living as close to mother nature as possible and doing lots of healing, yoga, learning, trekking, permaculture and much more. The rainbow family with its gatherings and visions is a tribe we feel very much at home with and attending these gatherings always strengthens my feelings of being a highly sensitive

crystal child and earth warrior 


We also have our apartment in Berlin which we nowadays only use as a base during summer. I feel as connected to Pachamama as to nothing else in this world.

I want to live a simple conscious life in nature and integrate female wisdom and knowledge from different cultures and tribes of this world as well as permaculture, earth consciousness and plant medicine. I am also a Reiki practitioner which I would like to practice more. I want to follow the call to heal, first of all myself. Further I want to continue to explore my Israeli roots and the endless mystical realms of the Kabbalah as well as to grow in my yoga practice. As you see I have many dreams and the list could go on forever. A big wish of mine is to canalise and focus more instead of always wanting to do many things at the same time…but I guess that’s just my passionate energy and full Sagittarius spirit ❤

One of my biggest dreams has come true this year in India :

Daniel and me started to hold healing retreats where we combine yoga, earth consciousness, chakra work, shamanism, yoga Nidra, silence, talking circles, deep group therapy and much more.  The first retreat in Hampi, India, was a full success and we want to continue on this path wherever we go… 

I feel blessed to be here and to be alive ! Something big is happening inside and outside of me 

Sat Nam.✨






What I do and teach


Psychospiritual Coaching

Group Therapy

Conscious Talking Circles


Chakra Work

Shadow Work

Singing Circles

Women Circles


Yoga Nidra

Hatha Yoga

Iyengar Yoga

Cloth Design




Jewellery Design


 Acting and Modeling