In essence Reiki is love. Whenever I have practiced giving Reiki there is a powerful flow of energy into my body, so concentrated that it fills my heart with tremendous warmth. This energy is so tangible that at times it feels like I am literally painting or sculputing with loving light.

-Richard Ellis

Universal life energy meets individual life energy = A living ocean of energy

Reiki is:


  • A system of energy healing using spiritually guided life- force energy
  • balancing the whole chakra system
  • A useful tool for self-awareness and transformation
  • A non-invasive therapy
  • Pracised throughout the world
  • A continuation of teachings given by reiki Grand Master Dr Usui at the end of the last century
  • an honouring of the Dr Usui lineage
  • Used in hospitals, private practice and self-care, and in combination with many other      therapies
  • A wonderful complementary healing system on its own or in a personal wellness or healing program

It is not a religion, cult or belief

I offer Reiki sessions using my hands to channel loving universal life energy into your energy system to help you heal yourself – because you are the only one who can do that !