Psychedelic Sleep Meditation

Yoga Nidraoften translated as “psychic sleep meditation”is a deep guided meditation that has its origins thousands of years ago in tantra yoga disciplines.

Through a deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit and the shift to theta brain waves, we enter a trance like state  – comparable to Hypnosis or Shamanic Journeys – somewhere in between being awake and being asleep.

We gain access to our subconscious and unconscious layers of mind as well as the astral dimension of the consciousness.

By withdrawing our senses and addressing the subconsciousness anything we experience and tell ourselves during this practice has an immensely deep imprint on our various levels of awareness and our lives. We can hereby manifest things into our life, recprogramme deeply rooted believes about ourselves, let go of things that don´t serve us anymore and heal traumatic experiences.

It helps us to distinguish between different states of being awake, dreaming and sleeping and is therefor being used to practice astral traveling and lucid dreaming.

Yoga Nidra as a holistic healing approach is successfully being used in trauma therapy, treating insomnia, depression, anxiety and much more.

It’s one of the very rare occasions for our beings to relax consciously instead of – as we usually do- having the monkey mind going crazy all day long and then falling asleep exhausted and continuing this mindset in our dreams .

Yoga Nidra has helped me to dive deep into the depth of my soul and to explore the various planes of our universal consciousness. I am so blessed to have found a way to guide others through this journey with the help of my voice which allows me to paint landscapes of the multiverse in people’s minds.

After each session, we gather in a conscious talking circle to share our experiences and talk about life, sleep and dream.

 Yoga Nidra has changed so many people´s dreams already after the first session – and has shown them new perspectives about their life, their patterns and their topics. It´s truly mindblowing!

Come join me for a galactic journey into the endless oceans of the soul.


I also teach yoga Nidra to children in Kindergardens or at home – with amazing results here in KiTas in Berlin 🙂

Ich unterrichte Yoga Nidra für alle Altersklassen und neuerdings auch in
Kindergärten und KiGas – und das mit magischen Ergebnissen.
Gerade Kinder, die sehr aktiv und lebendig sind, und selten bis nie zur Ruhe kommen, tun dies auf einmal auf wundersame Weise. Meine geführte

Tiefenentspannungsmeditation / Traumreise , die ich selbstverständlich
an das Niveau und Alter der Kinder anpasse , bringt unglaublich viel
Ruhe, Entspannung, Konzentration und Ausgleich in den Alltag und das
Leben der Kinder.
Die bisherigen Erzieher/innen und Eltern sind hellauf begeistert.

Yoga Nidra ist eine vollkommen sichere, religions doktrin- oder
dogmenfreie und wissenschaftlich anerkannte Methode, die erfolgreich
in der Therapie und Heilung auf sehr vielen Gebieten eingesetzt wird.

Available also for english speaking children of course!

Online Yoga Nidra In The Zoom Temple


At first I was very skeptical to transfer my beloved sessions in nature into the virtual realm –  but during the last two years we have had incredible journeys together via Zoom. As we are connected in the quantum field transcending time and space the actual location doesn’t define the inner process. Come join us and find out! 

I regularly hold online sessions focused on different topics such as forgiveness work, journey to the inner child, meet your spirit animal etc.