Online Course Archetypes


The course has brought so much reflection and remembrance of deep suppressed inner knowing about my feminine energy’s and ancestors. I was able to connect with wonderful sister all over the world and we held a powerful space together. The course made my cry, laugh and love at the same time. My connection to Mother […]

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Sonia Apsara

Thank you Katharina and Elena for creating this beautiful journey. I’m so grateful to have shared this month along with this group of women and with both of you Love the way how we started each session, with beautiful music, introspection, reflection moments. The energy was unique each time, I can say that I learned

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I found this course through Elena, which I follow for some years on Instagram now. I love her energy, stories and knowledge she shares and so I felt the calling to parcitipate in this course to learn more about the spiritual feminism and general femninity, the goddesses and archetypes. I love history and story telling

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This was my takeaway: Katarina and Elena cultivated a powerful sacred space (in spite of being online) in which I was reminded of how much I already innately know as a woman, which was supported and brought to light in the sharing of their rich and invaluable wealth of knowledge. Thank you sisters. Ps.: My

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It was an enriching voyage through the feminine energy and a great learning experience about how it can flow and about the usages and extent of its creative power. It was overall a great way to connect individually with the female energy within me, but as well as with the collective, including that extra magic

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Chaden K. AKL

Meditating and connecting with my higher selves was my coping mechanism after my grandma had passed away Attending the online course of the Female Archetypes with the beautiful souls Elena and Katherine was right on time Connecting with the goddesses, sharing and releasing with the circle of sisters was so beneficial and healing A loving

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I am so thankful for the work of you both. The course with the group of women was a wonderful experience. On one side I learned a lot about the herstory. The knowledge of goddesses in different religions, the aspects of the devine feminine in the tales of different parts of the world and with

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