Sonia Apsara

Thank you Katharina and Elena for creating this beautiful journey. I’m so grateful to have shared this month along with this group of women and with both of you

Love the way how we started each session, with beautiful music, introspection, reflection moments.

The energy was unique each time, I can say that I learned a lot to connect more with my feminine part as i am currently working on my polarities. The timing was just perfect to join this special program. The knowledge you share was super powerful.

I was waiting for this meeting every week and I’m so happy to have been part of it.

I learned that i’m more in my femine than i thought now need to shake up my yang to be less in my head and more in action ūüôā

This class give me power and confidence in a lot of different levels.

Thank you so much for sharing, your energy and for creating this moment out of time.

Thank you Elena for attracting me in that path.

Love to you both

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