I found this course through Elena, which I follow for some years on Instagram now. I love her energy, stories and knowledge she shares and so I felt the calling to parcitipate in this course to learn more about the spiritual feminism and general femninity, the goddesses and archetypes. I love history and story telling and I think in this course both were combined pretty well. Katharina and Elena are beautiful souls and shared a lot of wisdom, held a space where everyone could talk free from her heart without being juged and I felt very welcomed and connected to them and all other women who participated. We shared our wisdom, fears, parts of our stories, vulnerability and I am very grateful for all of that. I think its also great that there is facebook group where we can connect, if we want to. The rituals/journaling questions, meditations and songs they shared were also beautiful, touching, helpful.

During/Through this course and in this 5 weeks I learned a lot. Also the outside world reflected my inside world and challenged me to dive deeper. I learned for myself how strong my femine and masculine sides are and that I need more balance here and there, because they always fight against each other. I realized more about my connections with my sisters, one is a young mother now and she’s great being a mother (and a sister). I connected more with my ancestors, I felt more than ever that it’s okay being a woman (because when I was young I thoughts it’s a curse). I learned to embrace more my both sides – the female and male – and I made more peace with them. They don’t fight so often anymore. They work together now or at least they try to and have only small arguments ūüėÄ

I’m taking a lot of wisdom with me, about the archetypes and goddesses and the female wisdom of the other women, because every one had sometime beautiful to share. I got reminded of my female power and that also we, women of the world – have to stop fighting each other (jealousy, etc.) and start working/supporting together./us. I think this course is a great reminder that we need more than ever a balance between this energies and that a new world is rising.

Thank you Kat and Elena for this beautiful course.

Continue your magic!


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