To put into words the wonder of what I’ve experienced is not really possible. But wonder-ful would be a good way to put it with the full implications of that expression. I can say with certainty that the experience I had in the retreat with Elena and Daniel and the other wonderful souls that came together was one of the significant experiences I’ve had in my life and it’s effect and memory are still present and brilliant in my heart and mind.

I can tell you about the bright heartfelt smile and the very big hug I first received from Daniel when he came to pick us up, it made me feel so welcome and opened the gate for me to the journey into this wonderful ‘other world’ that I was seeking. Such a loving wonderful caring soul with a treasure in his heart. Then there was Elena. She is the one who took us along the ride and helped us open our eyes towards the wonderful, to find our connection to nature and to one another, to mother earth and opening our hearts to love and the healing we seek. The first thing we did was to create an altar of symbols and pieces of nature after she showed us how and I was all of a sudden transformed into a new space of wonder and harmony and beauty. She has such a sense of the aesthetic, a strong connection to nature and beauty and a keen ability to see and help us see the wonder in front of our eyes, be it hidden in the sight of a wild flower or created by everybody dancing to music over earth and chipped wood.

The community of all of us who came together through this process, a communitas of love and communication from the heart, a unique gathering of wonderful souls in a point in time created a living thing with the power of healing and joy that can propagate and leave a lasting effect. This experience of the other world was truly ‘this world rightly seen’. I’m thankful for this revelation.

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